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The University has a stated mission that diversity is important to the Graduate School, but it hasn’t done enough. Yale should:

  • Provide more resources for the Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity (ODEO), including a larger budget and more staff
  • Fully disclose admission/retention statistics by department based on a report done by the ODEO
  • Fully disclose faculty hiring criteria and retention statistics

In 2008, the GESO Equal Rights and Access Committee began an ambitious interview project to collect testimonies about the day to day experience of people of color, women, and immigrants living and working at Yale and around Yale. We interviewed over 100 graduate and professional students, staff members, undergraduates, and New Haven community members. Analysis and recommendations are forthcoming.

2006: A rally urging Yale to divest its holdings in Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a private prison company with a history of human rights abuses. By the end of the year, the private hedge fund through which Yale was invested in CCA divested its entire holdings, over $90 million.

Spring 2005: GESO, along with graduate unions at Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania, releases The (Un)Changing Face of the Ivy League, which shows how “[t]he workforces of Ivy League universities are starkly stratified by race and gender. In 2006, after years of lobbying by GESO, Yale announced a multi-million dollar faculty diversity initiative and increased support for the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity.


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